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Jasminum Nudiflorum - Winter Jasmine

Jasminum Nudiflorum - Winter Jasmine

Type Shrub, Climber, Ground cover, Evergreen
Size Climbing
Form Spreading
Colours Dark green Foliage, Yellow Flowers (Winter)
Care Some maintenance required
Hardiness Frost hardy
Growth Medium growing

This tough climber prefers a spot in part sun or even full shade. This species is hardier than the other Jasmines, and though it produces smaller blossom and is less heavily scented it is tough and reliable plant with a naturalist look.

Cultivation tips: This evergreen trailing climber requires a well drained fertile soil including chalk. position in full sun or part shade and either allow to trail over ground or train into wall / fence. This plant will happily weave itself around other plants where it can provide an excellent winter interest. Ideal for in growing with ground cover / climbers.
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