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Nyssa Sylvatica - Chinese Tupelo, Black Gum

Nyssa Sylvatica - Chinese Tupelo, Black Gum

Type Tree, Deciduous
Size Medium Tree
Form Rounded - Tree
Colours Medium green Foliage
Care Low/easy maintenance
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Slow growing

Grown for its attractive foliage which turns brilliant orange through red in autumn. Colour is best on very acid soils. Nyssa makes a great specimen near Water but you will need both space and plenty of time as it is a slow grower.

Cultivation tips: This deciduous tree can get to a good size so allow it plenty of space. It likes the rare combination of a moist acid soil. Grows best in a sheltered location in full sun to part shade. Thin congested branches in winter. 10m by 10m plus.
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