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Phormium 'Bronze Baby' - Flax Lily

Phormium 'Bronze Baby' - Flax Lily

Type Grass, Container-friendly, Evergreen
Size Medium Border (50-100cm height)
Form Spikey
Colours Foliage, Flowers ()
Care Low/easy maintenance
Hardiness Frost hardy
Growth Medium growing

Phormium is a great structural plant; having narrow purple spiky foliage that contrasts well with shrubs, grasses and herbaceous plants. Looks good beside water, or in a container; smaller at 1.5 x 1m wide.

Cultivation tips: Hardy now throughout England, Phormiums flourish in the mixed border - providing architectural form and all year round foliage colour. Plant in any moist fertile soil in a sheltered location in full / part sun. Remove dead growth in autumn.
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