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Quercus Robur - Common Oak

Quercus Robur - Common Oak

Type Tree, Deciduous
Size Large Tree
Form Rounded - Tree
Colours Medium green Foliage
Care Low/easy maintenance
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Medium growing

The English Oak will grow to a large tree with time, but if you have space and time it will become an attractive standard tree. Ideal for wild areas or woodland planting, supporting a variety of wildlife and providing a handsome screen and natural woodland feel. Just be sure you have enough space to accommodate the full sized tree before you plant!

Cultivation tips: The native Oak will flourish on a variety of soils, even heavy wet clays. Oak flourishes in most native woodland environments often seeding establishing on its own accord or being planted in the winter period as a bare rooted tree.It is also happy to grow out in the open or in a native hedgerow as a standard. The only thing it wont like is heavy shade.
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