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Aralia Elata 'Variegata' - Japanes Angelica Tree

Aralia Elata 'Variegata' - Japanes Angelica Tree

Type Tree, Container-friendly, Deciduous
Size Small Tree
Form Rounded - Tree
Colours Medium green Foliage, White Flowers (Summer)
Care Low/easy maintenance
Hardiness Frost hardy
Growth Medium growing

This fine architectural deciduous produces a profusion of exotic frond like leaves. Foliage is coloured a cream white. Ideal for planting as an specimen or at the back of a bed, but beware of spines on all branches / stems. 5 m tall x 6m.

Cultivation tips: Preferring a sheltered area, this smallish tree will flourish any moisture retentive soil and a shelter from cold winds. Prune out any green leafy growth. Ideal for smaller sheltered urban gardens.
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