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Osmanthus Heterophyllus 'Goshiki Tricolor' - Variegated Osmanthus

Osmanthus Heterophyllus 'Goshiki Tricolor' - Variegated Osmanthus

Type Shrub, Ground cover, Hedging & Screening, Container-friendly, Evergreen
Size Medium Border (50-100cm height)
Form Spreading arching
Colours Variegated green-gold Foliage, White Flowers (Autumn)
Care Low/easy maintenance
Hardiness Frost hardy
Growth Slow growing

This variegated Osmanthus makes a great compact alternative to an ornamental holly, especially in a smaller garden. It is a naturally compact shrub with outstanding foliage and form. It produces flowers but these take the back seat to the outstanding gold and green splashed foliage. Great in a mid border location or in a large pot or tub.

Cultivation tips: Plant this distinctive compact and low growing holly like shrub in full sun or light shade. Avoid planting Osmanthus in very exposed, cold or hot dry areas, preffering a moist fertile soil in a sheltered spot. Trim to shape as necessary into an attractive dense evergreen shrub. Mulch with compost every few years to feed. Ideal for container growing or as an alternative to holly.
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