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Cytisus X Praecox 'Alba' - Broom

Cytisus X Praecox 'Alba' - Broom

Type Shrub, Deciduous
Size Large Border (1 to 3m height)
Form Spikey
Colours Medium green Foliage, Yellow Flowers (Summer early)
Care Some maintenance required
Hardiness Frost hardy
Growth Fast growing

Burkwoodii produces masses cerise / red spring blossom. Pea like flowers appear on last years growth. Deciduous foliage is silver green and rather insignificant. Flowers are followed by pea like seed pods, which explode when ripe. 3m x 3m.

Cultivation tips: Broom flourishes in moderately fertile well drained soils, especially if sandy - avoiding very dark fertile soils. Plant in a full sun - a dry south facing bed is good. Prune dead heads after flowering, avoiding old wood - prune to shape sparingly.
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