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Cortaderia Selloana 'Monstrosa' - Pampass Grass, Cortaderia

Cortaderia Selloana 'Monstrosa' - Pampass Grass, Cortaderia

Type Grass, Deciduous
Size Large Border (1 to 3m height)
Form Upright - Clump
Colours Dark green Foliage, White Flowers (Autumn)
Care Some maintenance required
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Fast growing

This larger growing pampus requires plenty of space for its expansive arching foliage and can look somewhat scruffy and over baring among lower planting. It is worth planting however for the huge plumes of white feathered flower spikes that will provide interest well into the winter months. It is often planted as a specimen within a lawn, but we think it looks best amongst mixed planting.

Cultivation tips: Pampus grass might be overly common in the UK but then that's because its tough and it puts on a good show. Cortaderia will tolerate dry soils but does best in any half decent well drained soil,including sandy and chalky soils. It will need plenty of sunlight to flower well, but beware, winter cutting back of spent flower stems and sharp foliage is tough work so wear gloves.
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