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Laburnum Anagyroides 'Pendulum' - Laburnum, Golden Chain

Laburnum Anagyroides 'Pendulum' - Laburnum, Golden Chain

Type Tree, Deciduous
Size Small Tree
Form Trailing / hanging
Colours Medium green Foliage, Yellow Flowers (Summer early)
Care Low/easy maintenance
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Slow growing

Laburnum is an attractive small deciduous tree that is well suited to small gardens, where it is valued for for distinctive pea like bright yellow spring blossom, which hangs in masses providing a fine show (thus the common name 'Golden Rain'). This variety is much praised for its extreme pendulous / compact weeping habit, making suitable where space is an issue. Laburnum requires no pruning being compact and casting a light shade so appropriate for under planting. It can also be trained in to shape and can be used to create flowering walk ways.

Cultivation tips: Laburnum will tolerate a wide range of moisture retentive free draining garden soils, including chalky soils. Being suitable for planting in full sun or part shade. There are draw backs with this attractive small tree, these being that not only is it short lived and can die quite suddenly once mature, but also it produces poisonous seed pods, making the tree problematic if you have small children or dogs that will eat sticks and seed pods. Pit plant this tree using a decent compost and plant in a sheltered sunny or part shade location. Pruning is not required but you can trim to shape.
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