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Robinia Pseudo-Acacia 'Aurea' - False Acacia, Robinia

Robinia Pseudo-Acacia 'Aurea' - False Acacia, Robinia

Type Tree, Deciduous
Size Medium Tree
Form Rounded - Tree
Colours Golden Foliage, White Flowers (Summer)
Care Some maintenance required
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Medium growing

Robinia grows to a medium sized tree. It much valued for its fine golden foliage and its display of white blossom, which are produced in sprays in mid summer. During autumn the leaves turn a rich orange. beware of evil spines. 15m tall by 1Om wide.

Cultivation tips: This tough tree will cope with all soil types - including heavy clay soils - as long as they are not waterlogged. For best golden foliage plant in sunny spot and avoid exposed windswept locations. Prune lateral branches to single leader when establishing.
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