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Malus Robusta 'Red Sentinel' - Crab Apple, Malus

Malus Robusta 'Red Sentinel' - Crab Apple, Malus

Type Tree, Deciduous
Size Medium Tree
Form Rounded - Tree
Colours Dark green Foliage, White Flowers (Summer early)
Care Low/easy maintenance
Hardiness Very hardy
Growth Medium growing

Malus 'Red Sentinal' is grown largely for its impressive shiney red crab fruitm which remain on the tree for much of the winter months. It also produces masses of pink white blossom in the spring, and is a handsome yet manageable tree for medium sized urban or country garden.

Cultivation tips: This is a slightly taller growing flowering crab, growing to a maximum hieght of 8 metres. Red Sential will flourish in any reasonable garden soil in full sun or light shade. Malus will tolerate a cold planting location, but avoid planting in windy exposed or very dry areas. Prune to shape during to reduce size in the winter months but avoid excessive pruning.
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