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39 plants found in genus "Rhododendron"
 Latin NameCommon NameType/DetailForm/Colour
Rhododendron Barbatum - X arboreumRhododendron Barbatum

X arboreum
 Shrub, Hedging & Screening, Container-friendlyRed flowers (Summer early); Medium green foliage
Rhododendron Pachysanthemum - CrosswaterRhododendron Pachysanthemum

RhododendronShrub, Ground coverLight pink flowers (Spring); Variegated multicolour foliage
Rhododendron - Hino-crimsonRhododendron

Rhododendron - HinomayoRhododendron

Rhododendron - Hatsu-giriRhododendron

Rhododendron - Wee BeeRhododendron

'Wee Bee'
Rhododendron X Altlanticum - Golden LightsRhododendron X Altlanticum

'Golden Lights'
Rhododendron BainbridgeanumRhododendron Bainbridgeanum   flowers
Rhododendron Yakushimanum - SchneekissenRhododendron Yakushimanum

Rhododendron - MoonstoneRhododendron

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