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6 plants found in genus "Eucalyptus"
 Latin NameCommon NameType/DetailForm/Colour
Eucalyptus DalrympleanaEucalyptus DalrympleanaMountain GumTreeNon-flowering; Silver foliage
Eucalyptus ChapmanianaEucalyptus Chapmaniana TreeNon-flowering; Silver foliage
Eucalyptus PerrinianaEucalyptus PerrinianaSpinning GumTreeNon-flowering; Blue foliage
Eucalyptus GunniiEucalyptus Gunnii TreeNon-flowering; Silver foliage
Eucalyptus DeleyantensisEucalyptus Deleyantensis  Non-flowering
Eucalyptus DalrympleanaEucalyptus Dalrympleana  Non-flowering

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