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Leycesteria Formosa 'Linda' - Himalayan Honeysuckle

Leycesteria Formosa 'Linda' - Himalayan Honeysuckle

Type Shrub, Container-friendly, Deciduous
Size Medium Border (50-100cm height)
Form Upright - Clump
Colours Light green Foliage, Red Flowers (Summer)
Care Some maintenance required
Hardiness Frost hardy
Growth Fast growing

Leycesteria is usually planted for its speed of establishment and the masses of racemes of red blossom in mid summer, followed by attractive ruby purple berries.

Cultivation tips: This fast growing shrub will flourish on most soil types, even really troublesome soils like chalk and clay. Leycesteria will require full sun to be be at its best but it will tolerate part sun. Prune out excessive thick or weak stems in late winter and mulch every 3 years to improve soil fertility. Also be prepared for this plant to self seed and spread, which can make this plant a bit of a weed if you fall out with it.
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