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12 plants found in genus "Phormium"
 Latin NameCommon NameType/DetailForm/Colour
Phormium - Yellow WavePhormium

'Yellow Wave'
New Zealand FlaxHerbaceous, GrassNon-flowering; Golden foliage
Phormium Tenax - PurpureumPhormium Tenax

Flax LilyHerbaceous, GrassNon-flowering; Purple foliage
Phormium - Bronze BabyPhormium

'Bronze Baby'
Flax LilyGrass, Container-friendlyNon-flowering; foliage
Phormium Tenax - VariegatumPhormium Tenax

New Zealand FlaxGrassNon-flowering; Variegated green-white foliage
Phormium - Alison BlackmanPhormium

'Alison Blackman'
New Zealand FlaxGrass, Container-friendlyNon-flowering; Variegated multicolour foliage
Phormium - Rainbow QueenPhormium

'Rainbow Queen'
New Zealand FlaxGrass, Container-friendlyNon-flowering; Red foliage
Phormium - Maori QueenPhormium

'Maori Queen'
Phormium - SundownerPhormium

Mountain FlaxGrassNon-flowering; Red foliage
Phormium Cookianum - TricolorPhormium Cookianum

New Zealand FlaxGrassNon-flowering; Variegated multicolour foliage
Phormium  - JesterPhormium

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